Monday, July 28, 2008

been lazy

The number of posts have dried down to a sporadic trickle ... like a the water from a lot of around the country this year I presume ... given that the monsoon hasn't been all that generous this time.

You think I cannot blame the monsoon for the dearth of posts? You have no idea just how interconnected everything in the world is. It is the monsoons I tell you. The mind wanders ...

Now, my city has been bombed too. About 7 blasts ... the 8th one was defused before it could explode. Not too bad given the condition of Ahmedabad. The news channels almost forgot my city as soon as it was over. The death toll wasn't high enough to keep up their TRP ratings I suppose. "Only" 2 people died. None of the channels provided any of the details of the people that died. Except for the fact that one was a woman.

Not sure what is so "only" about the 2 that didn't get home last Friday. They never will again.

As the world has shrunk, there seems to be a personal connection to almost every tragedy. When a bomb goes off anywhere or a flight crashes, there is always the possibility of losing a dear one ...

Life goes on though.
More later.