Friday, September 07, 2007

will I ever stop blogging?

Down with fever yet again ... this time worse than before ... crossing 102 every few hours.

Feeling slightly better now ... was randomly checking my favourites on IE on my laptop ... which is placed conveniently close to my bed when I came across a blog that I had book-marked for following. In one of his posts he wrote something that so touched me somehow that I really really wanted to read everything he ever wrote ... but then the author disappeared ... leaving his blog to languish for the past three and a half years.

The words that so struck me and that I am almost jealous for not having written myself are as follows
(reproduced here without permission ... am not sure how to contact the author but here is a link to the original blog):

"Shipra was the girl whose picture you want to carry in your wallet so that when someone asks "Why didn't you get married?" the next time, you can show them the pic and say "Because she did". "

The weird thing is that you would expect someone that wrote so well to continue writing. However, the person has disappeared. And, like i mentioned in a previous post, there is no way of knowing just what has befallen the individual. So, while you hope for the best ... like perhaps the old bloke just got married and quite obviously gave up everything else for a lack of time ... there is always that little thing at the back of your mind ...

So, what are the chances that I'll stop blogging?

When I began writing this post, I thought the answer would be - never.
But now, as I sit at the comp the next morning finishing the post, I realize that sometimes life leaves you with very little time. You may care about a million things but with time as a critical resource, at some point you need to quantify and rank your concerns ... and you realize that you care about some things so much more that you may be willing to give up everything else for them ... and so, a time may come when I shall indeed stop blogging.

When I think of it today, the most likely reason for me to eventually stop blogging will probably be this: I dislike doing things mechanically just for the sake of doing them. If for lack of time or whatever other reason, I find myself writing only for the sake of continuity, just to keep the blog alive, that will probably be the day I hang up my keyboard as it were ...

Yeah ... that'd be it.