Saturday, October 27, 2012


Somehow, in life, we always seem to prioritize the things that we shouldn't. No matter how many times you read the 7-habits and how many workshops you attend, are you always stuck in quadrant 1?

I am. Which is why, despite my best intentions, I always fail to post to my blog regularly. It is why the photographs never get uploaded. It is why the cookbook I am writing hasn't moved past the 4th recipe in a year.

There was a time when accessing the internet meant setting aside time (which I had plenty of) and money (which was always in short supply) to go to an internet cafe. Now, when I can access it on my phone lying in bed, I seem to have lost interest.

I am thinking of closing this blog. Shutting shop as it were. In its lieu perhaps I will start 2 or 3 more - each focused on a specific area that I am passionate about. But then, what are the chances that I'll update multiple blogs when I fail to update one?

So, I'll continue with this one.

Life is too short. And there is so much that I want to do before I hang up my boots - not that one really gets to decide on that. I can only hope that I will be more productive in the years to come than the years that have gone by.

Buck up and buckle up ... For this IS as good as it gets.
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