Monday, February 07, 2011


Guess what? Decided to take it easy this weekend and almost forgot to write my post for the week.

Upgraded my 9700 to OS 6.0 as soon as I found out that an official version was out there. It looks pretty nice and I am really liking it. Will have to use it for a while though before I can be certain that I like it. I doubt if I will roll back though unless there is some critical flaw.

Enough about the phone though. I don't have too many readers to begin with and among the few that I do have, there aren't too many technophiles.

Though I am still writing my posts pretty close to the deadlines, slowly it is starting to become a habit again. Sometimes, in the middle of a busy day, I catch myself thinking - "Hey, I could write about this!"
The next step would be to actually make a note of it to follow up later.

This week, one intent was to come up with a list of books that I have read and really love and then another list of books that I want to read. Why not use the Shelfari account for that you may well ask. Which is one of the reasons why that finally did not make it to the post.

Then there is the Egypt thing going. Pretty much all of middle east really. Looks like our generation is luckier than most to be witnessing so many events that will probably go down in history as major turning points. While I can go on about it for quite a while, I think for now, I will let my wife have the last word on this one:
Yesterday she messaged me saying "From now on, walking like an Egyptian will have a whole new meaning. Isn't it?"
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