Thursday, June 29, 2006

not quite my day yet ... and whatz the deal with 2?

.... but definitely getting there!

Started the day early today again, and in a much better mood ... so I have already put in an 8 hour day and it is hardly lunch time.

Worthwhile to spend a little time ruminating and such before going down to the canteen for my chow.

The better mood does not change how I feel about bangalore... refer to the last post ...
Now, the status is that the landlord thinks he will get it repaired but it will take a week when I will be stranded high and dry ... literally dry and well, I am spending time deciding where to put up for that time ... knowing these people, if they say 1 week, it will take 2, and at the end of it, i will be most surprised if the problem is fixed.

Cynicism aside ... the other night ... before I had realized that I was drinking sewage water, I was wondering about numbers ... how the universe seems to favour the fibonacci series and so on ... when I thought, what is so special about 2 when it comes to higher forms of life. Why the bias for 2?

Apart from protoplasms and such who I understand can pretty much "do it" with anybody, all other lifeforms seem to have just two sexes .... i aint a biologist or botanist or whatever so correct me if I am wrong ... and I am sure there are exceptions like the earthworm that I don't know about ...

I remember reading that the reason why reproduction requires 2 is to increase the genetic variance and to enhance the species ... it is what makes mutations possible (apart from radioactivity, oxidation and whatever) ....

What I don't understand is why not more ... wouldn't all those things be possible even if there were more than 2? Why not 10? 20? why have a limit on the number ... and why 2?

Why 2? Any comments? Any answers? any questions?

WHY TWO!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

not my day

saved the original post that i began writing in the drafts folder for it was getting to acrimonious for my own good.

basically fell down the stairs this morning ... because someone was supposed to come in the morning to repair my water tank .. and I had to get things prepared for them and was half asleep ...

the water tank needs to be repaired because sewage water is seeping into my water supply from a leak that it is taking my owner forever to fix ... despite the high rent that I pay ...

so, here I am, at home, with a back ache and no water, and waiting for some repairmen to work who are about as likely to keep their word as the landlord.

Living here in bangalore, is the toughest. People talk of the weather being great ... but having my childhood in places like Shillong, I recognize it for what it is - a poor compromise for the real thing.

And what else is there? No roads, no proper water supply, no proper drainage, no rules on the roads, no parking places, no place to walk ...

The very act of living in this city is so taxing, that there is so little time left for anything else. I'd love to talk philosophy and blog about the higher things in the world but living here? in this muck?

The worst thing about bangalore is the people ... or what they have become.
Of all the cities I have ever lived in, bangalore has the smallest heart and the greatest pretence at having one.

No. I am not about to substantiate any of it for any jingoistic bum. The truth is out there for all to see and I have wasted enough of my energy and emotions on this - my vocabulary refuses to throw up a word obnoxious enough - city !

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Itz Poetry Tonite

Was rummaging through some old papers when I came across a file cover that has scraps of papers, drawings and god knows what else, going back all the way to my school days. Found a lot of poems there … used to fancy myself as a poet and an artist in those days …. Typing them out for posterity tonight …

The first one below I believe is the first attempt I ever made at serious poetry … previous to that I was into limericks.


Once upon a time
In a kingdom by the sea,
I went for a walk
Searching for me.

In my pocket I though
I had the key,
That would help me unlock
A little of me.

Then a wonder I saw
I had in me,
That the little of me
Was deeper than the sea!

Sounds stupid? Well, it was years ago and I still remember how good I felt on writing it !

The next one is slightly darker if not better.

Guiding light

Darker than the night
And darker still
Yet on a whim I fly
No place to go, no place to stay –
Not even a place to die.

Brightness …
is a thing of the past
And in the distance
Only smoke –
No fire.

Oh God!
That I may see,
Before the darkness
Overwhelms me,
Light my funeral pyre.

And here’s one more …. It had been raining for ages, and during the day, I had crossed a grave yard. Later that night, I was imagining what it would feel like to be sitting on one of those tomb stones …

Just Sitting

Rain falling off a tree
Falls drip-drip-drip
Dripping endlessly.

Beneath me an old casket lies
Carrying a carrion
Denied to the flies.

I remember leaving it at this point because it was getting too icky …

Now here’s a smart ass one:

You're right

Maybe you’re right
And maybe I am wrong
‘Cause might is right
And you’re strong.


Like this one:


A little glow-worm twinkling merrily in a dark forest.
How obviously happy ………………………………..
But why is your fire cold?
If you are so happy, why glow green …
Not gold?


Ok, this is beginning to get tedious … but I might as well type out the rest … dunno when I might lose these again for another eon.


Flow with the light
And you flow away from the source.
Flow with the river
And you’ll fall into the sea of course.

But, Oh! Traveler on the river of Delight,
How may I know your Plight?

When you reach
The end of your way,
Would you be so kind,
As to send a letter this way?


Another from the introspection series :D … I like this one.

This one has no name ...

Deeper and deeper as you go,
Before greatness you do bow.

And then a little deeper into your self,
Beyond the reaches of power and pelf.

And even as you sink you rise,
The more you know, the less you surmise.


One more … getting repetitive here ...

Nameless again ..

In the gloaming, In the night
I wait for this one delight
This moment of peace
This moment of quiet.

That I may seek
That I may find
That which I seek
In my mind.


Positively bored now, and the Argentina mexico match is about to begin .. however just this last one… I wrote this after a good friend’s girl died on the last day of school in a car crash while going home from the boarding … have never been comfortable with the thought of dying so young ...

Trudge! Don’t ever hop and skip along
Till death creeping behind you comes,
And rings your final gong.

Monday, June 05, 2006

random thoughts

"The good die young"
Is it that the good die young, or is it more likely that the young die good?

For those designing hovercrafts ...
Please contact my housemaid in case you run into any design issues - she has perfected the technology. She can spend hours, dusting and scrubbing and cleaning, and at the end of it all, you realize that despite all the action that you have seen over the past hour, not a speck of dirt has been displaced anywhere!!!

Chinese ...
Don't cook it without garlic and ginger!

Blogs ...
Don't try and write 'em when you don't have time ... gotta run now!