Friday, November 16, 2012

Going green, going green ... Going blue!

Early in the morning, I am so confounded that I don't know what to do next.

I have been trying to book a gas cylinder for over a month now with no success because the distributor never answers the phone.

Today, I finally get through and I am told that my connection has been suspended because I haven't booked a new cylinder in 6 months.

So, I ask the gentleman at the other end of the line, why has this rule been introduced. Well, apparently, it has been introduced to curb the fraudulent use of domestic gas for commercial purposes.

I always thought that businesses use more fuel than homes and it would make sense for the authorities to check if someone was using too many cylinders rather than too few. But the man one the line insisted that he had not come up with the law that he was enforcing... So that is that.

Who can argue against the medusa that comes up with such weird rules? Where do you get started and whom do you fight?

I guess I'll just go ahead and un-learn every good habit regarding stove usage that I ever learned so that I can avoid having to go to the distributor with a photograph and address proof every time I need a cylinder.

Hah! And all the talk about going green. I am almost choking on my own tongue and going blue here.

Kudos Indane, IOC and whoever else thought up this rule... Good one!

Maybe I'll even light some sort of eternal flame honoring your stupidity on my front yard so I can meet this ridiculous requirement on minimum cooking gas consumption.
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Saturday, October 27, 2012


Somehow, in life, we always seem to prioritize the things that we shouldn't. No matter how many times you read the 7-habits and how many workshops you attend, are you always stuck in quadrant 1?

I am. Which is why, despite my best intentions, I always fail to post to my blog regularly. It is why the photographs never get uploaded. It is why the cookbook I am writing hasn't moved past the 4th recipe in a year.

There was a time when accessing the internet meant setting aside time (which I had plenty of) and money (which was always in short supply) to go to an internet cafe. Now, when I can access it on my phone lying in bed, I seem to have lost interest.

I am thinking of closing this blog. Shutting shop as it were. In its lieu perhaps I will start 2 or 3 more - each focused on a specific area that I am passionate about. But then, what are the chances that I'll update multiple blogs when I fail to update one?

So, I'll continue with this one.

Life is too short. And there is so much that I want to do before I hang up my boots - not that one really gets to decide on that. I can only hope that I will be more productive in the years to come than the years that have gone by.

Buck up and buckle up ... For this IS as good as it gets.
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