Thursday, October 25, 2007

Guess I’ll never be a prophet.

The last post was about whether I’d ever stop blogging and for all practical purposes, I have. So, one may want to believe that I’ll never make it as a prophet or a soothsayer.

On the other hand, the more optimistically inclined may construe this last post to be a premonition about things to come – the fact that I touched upon the topic – the actual contents of the post being irrelevant.

So, now that we are as uncertain about my prophetic abilities as when we began, it is a good time to move on to some other topic. The prior paragraphs having done justice to the title of the post.

There are a million things that have kept me away from blogging, and all my other online activities in general.

My Parents are back with me and we are having a pretty good time together. Durga Pooja was came and went … and the shopping that goes with that came and stayed. Just prior to that, my in-laws-to-be were here, and that was pretty exciting too … and then there has been the shopping for the engagement … and shopping generally … and all sorts of stuff …
Add to this my normal office work and add to that the fact that I haven’t been keeping quite so well for a while and you get a picture – chaotic huh!

Yes and of late the next new adventure has been second life which is why the animation project has taken a back seat too!

Coming back to this not keeping well thing …

My malady has been diagnosed as “environmental allergy” – an allegation that I cannot deny. I am, after all, allergic to a whole bunch of things around me as many of my previous posts all bear witness. Surprisingly, the reaction is apparently not confined to my mind alone but manifests itself in my body as well. The good news is that it isn’t anything I can worry myself to death over … and it shouldn’t kill me either. As a matter of fact, on the contrary, in all likelihood it will actually get over by the end of the season and in the meanwhile, I continue to be my usual grumpy, irritable self.

I sometimes can’t help feeling that this is just the sort of malady that Jerome K. Jerome was talking about in three men in a boat (not to mention the dog) – something that can be cured by a pointless boat trip down a scenic placid river. In the middle of all the chaos, I cannot help but imagine myself adrift in a boat on a river with some of my friends … ah! Solitude … blue skies with wispy white clouds … the sound of the water against the sides of the boat … the gentle rolling motion … droplets of water as my friends row the boat … my feet tucked in comfortably under the dog … warm and fuzzy … maybe a bee buzzing here and there among the low hanging boughs that pass by … bliss!

Coming back to that prophecy thing, in my previous post, I mentioned that one line that I am almost jealous for not having written myself ….perhaps, there’s a really good reason why I wasn’t destined to write it.

Come April, I’ll be married to Shipra … and on 31st of October, I shall be engaged to her. I am inclined to believe that this is why fate would have it that I was not the one to write that that line … and yet, I yearn too … to write something that would touch someone as much … I don’t know whether that line sounds so beautiful to me because it contains a name that I so relate to or whether I’d react just as strongly if there was some other name there … but I’d give anything to be able to touch someone with my writing as much.

Well, wishful thinking aside, the writing I assume shall continue … for better or worse. The more interesting thing is that I cannot quite write off a career as a prophet just yet either ….

So, stay tuned … who knows what’ll happen next (how bloody un-prophetic of me to admit that though).