Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Another slice of life

As another day comes to an end, I sit in the tempo traveler with the sun streaming in from the rear window and a breeze blowing in from the side windows. The sky is blue with wispy clouds.

Almost all the other transports have left. Ours is waiting because the driver was on the phone and it is not quite time yet. And finally we start off even as I thumb it into the BB.

It is good not to be driving at the end of the day while going home. The maddening traffic and the deafening horns just become more TV and you can chose to ignore it. Sit back and listen to music and perhaps even browse when the network allows it.

It is already starting to get quite warm here. I am not sure that I like that. Not that one can do much about it.

This week we should be able to see a comet. That is something I am quite looking forward to. Might even post some photographs if I can see it clearly.

The road's a mess with some work going on for a new flyover. The dust is everywhere. Makes the sunsets more colorful I suppose.

More honking than usual today. Traffic is lighter though. All the swaying makes the thumbing that much more difficult.

It must be spring ... I see a lot of yellow blooms by the roadside. We don't really have seasons here so maybe I just notice them now because I have nothing better to do.
I see a lot of kites flying about. Possibly beacons marking particularly dirty areas of the city with more rodents for them to feed on. They look quite majestic gliding in the sunset. The yellow light shining off the brown wings every now and then.

There is construction going on everywhere. Can't complain. A growing economy sure as hell beats the alternative. And growth cannot happen without infrastructure to support it. Some planning would have helped though. Respect for building bylaws as well. Things will work out eventually though.

Time to sit back and relax. Should be home in another 10 minutes or so.

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  1. Spring is here for sure at this side of the world and it is getting warm!!

  2. Yes ... thankfully, it has started raining here as well!