Thursday, March 07, 2013

Yellow flowers, vertebrates and invertebrates

Rushing to catch the bus as usual this morning, I crossed the throng of parents waiting to get their kids on to the school buses. Snippets of conversation struck my ear but most of it never made it past my in-built noise filter. The only phrase that made it through was "vertebrates and invertebrates" and my ears tuned in to hear a mom complain about some project that she had to complete in a day on the said topic for her kid. Made me wonder how much of the syllabus would be new for the parents - a chance to renew their own learning.

That brings me back to the weather. I hate being the weatherman but with the comet coming into view from today, it is quite disappointing that it has been cloudy since yesterday. On the bright side, because of the rain yesterday, things look bright and clean this morning and there is again a nip in the air streaming in the bus window.

I decided to stop and take a photograph of the yellow flowers I see everywhere these days. Perhaps someone there will recognize what they are.

Blogging from a bus is quite different from doing it from the house. Though I realize that some of the posts might be rather inane, I enjoy it - which is at least half the point in writing here.

Life is on autopilot these days. When is it not? Well more than usual in that case. It is a bit like Zen. When life throws stuff at you, you try to process it and respond. Life throws more at you and you figure how to be more efficient in your processing. But then the deluge keeps on increasing and at some point you realize that you cannot optimize further and you cannot process all of it. And so, you let it all flow by letting the autopilot take over. Selectively picking a few things to delve into but for the most part, just being.

That description sounds quite peaceful. That is not strictly correct. It is a bit like ice age 3(?). The surface is calm but there could be large many toothed beasts lurking in the depths.

Only time will tell ... Whether they exist ... And if they do, whether they are vertebrates or invertebrates.

In the meanwhile, we have partly cloudy skies and unknown yellow flowers.

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  1. I agree life seems to be in the APM too. Wake up everyday to do the same things, eat the same food, worry about the same things. Some days I am too stressed and tired to answer simple greetings by cashiers at the grocery stores and even if I do, I am not sure if I know what I saying. But slowly I am making the effort to break away from all this ..

  2. Good luck with the changes. It always helps to take "little steps" towards your goal :)