Monday, April 15, 2013

#cs50x #MOOC #awesome

Finally caught up with and finished the CS50x course over the weekend. Some habits die hard and as usual, there were a million things to finish before the deadline.

Came from work on Friday evening and set up my comp and probably slept 8 hours over the entire weekend. What an experience :) got my programming mojo back

I wanted to finish the course by the deadline and get the certificate. Partly because it was the first course on EDx and I wanted to be a part of it. And partly because I tend to never complete self paced courses that have no deadlines.

There is the debate on whether #MOOC will work or not. After this course, I for one an a believer.

Please visit to see what I am raving about. There are a lot more courses there as well.

And here is a link to a short 2 minute demo of my final project on youtube - simple but I love it:

It introduces the idea of a service called obfuscate. Once I host it online, I shall post a link too.

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