Wednesday, April 03, 2013

How fun!

So I am finally getting old fashioned. Gen X has gone. Gen Y are all but gone too and the noobs (what are they called these days anyway) say "How fun!".

Like saying it isn't bad enough, I now end up reading it in documents too. I can quite literally feel my teeth grate as my mind tries to grapple with this weird usage (perhaps I can coin "abusage") and my jaws clamp shut in protest.

Finally, "they" are using language that is alien to me. The kind that causes my brain to cringe involuntarily as a reflex even before consciously processing it. (Involuntary reflexes actually originate at the spine perhaps but I am too aghast to verify.)

I don't even have kids yet; I can't even begin to imagine what "fun" language they will bring home some day.

"How fun" indeed.
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