Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mrs. Thatcher

As a kid, I remember there was mom at home, Indira Gandhi at Delhi and Margaret Thatcher at 10 downing. For most of my childhood (or as I remember it now) Mrs. Thatcher was the face of Britain. There wasn't that much TV back then and she was definitely on more than the queen or even princess Diana perhaps.

I did not understand politics then (nor much now) so I don't have an opinion about what she did or did not do. I must say that she has left an indelible memory in the minds of a generation halfway across the world and that counts for something.

On the net, I read about Thatcher parties and folks asking how much tax payer money is being spent on the funeral. That I feel is quite saddening.

While the concern about spending the tax payers money frivolously is valid, there is a limit to everything. As a friend of mine in college would often ask in humor: "How much is too much?". Today I'd answer - this much. Surely.

While we should ensure that the government is behaving, let it not prevent us from being civil and in paying our last respects to someone who achieved much in life.

RIP Mrs. Thatcher.
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